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Evicting A Tenant In Northern Virginia

Mo Hashem - Thursday, February 14, 2019

Summarizing the eviction process in Virginia, the most common scenario is for non-payment of rent. The process is typically broken down into 5 steps. 

1) Notice (5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit). You can deliver this notice by certified mail, or (and this is what we recommend) you file through the Sheriff's Office and they will post the notice and provide proof which is required in court. 

2) Summons for Unlawful Detainer. If the tenant still does not catch up on rent or vacate the premises after your notice, you can file for a court appearance. This is done at the courthouse. They will assign you a court date. 

3) Trial. Should the tenant dispute, the judge will set another court date where he will hear both sides. Should you receive judgement in your favor, you can proceed to Step 4. 

4) Writ of Possession. Once you are awarded judgement, you can file for possession of your home. At this point, the Sheriff will provide you with a date of the physical eviction. 

5) Eviction. On the date set by the Sheriff, you will need to meet them at the home, along with a lock smith. The Sheriff will ensure the safety of all parties while a physical eviction is completed. 

Keep in mind, Forced Evictions are not legal. This means you can not turn off the utilities in hopes of forcing them out by making the home unlivable. It is also not recommended to confront the tenants directly. Go through the court procedure. 

The best way to avoid an eviction is to find well-qualified tenants at the beginning. In past videos I've referenced the importance of this, as well as gone in to detail about how to accomplish procuring the right tenant. 

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