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How Much Do Property Managers Charge? - Fairfax, VA

System - Friday, December 14, 2018

When searching for Property Management services, you will obviously want to know what the fees associated are. Now, there are multiple services offered by management companies, this one included. I'm going to focus specifically on the monthly management fee. 

What we offer is "Flat Fee". This is what you will pay monthly, regardless of what you collect for rent. We have had the same management fee since we began 7 years ago. This is in contrast to a percentage based fee. What other companies do is take anywhere from 6 - 10% of the monthly rent, with 10% being the most common. 

The average rental that we manage is $2,400/month. If you're working with a percentage based company, that is can be upwards of $240/month. Are you getting $140 work of extra service or management for that cost? If you believe you are and you find value there, then go for it. 

The argument that will be made against $99/month as "cheap" or "cut rate", whatever negative connotation you want to affix. The reason we are different is that were one of the first to established the flat rate management fee and we have maintained that pricing structure for the entirety of our time in business. Additionally, keeping the fees uniform, along with our agreements and leases, we are able to more efficiently and effectively manage all of our properties, thus, passing the savings along to our clients. 

You need to know if you're being offered additional value for the percentage based management companies. If they are providing the same service to two homes, and the only difference is what is collected in rent, why is there a difference in cost? 

As a full-service management company, we are able to provide all of the services necessary and expected with a property manager. There are no corners cut. 

We always inform our clients to do their due diligence, read reviews, compare us to other companies. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating. 

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