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What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Rent My Home?

System - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

If you are looking to rent your home this year, the best time to do so is May - August. The height of the market tends to occur June and July. This is when there are historically the most amount of leases signed. This, not coincidentally, coincides with the school year.

If you are in a position where you cannot control when you have to rent there are some steps to take. Let's say you have been offered a new position at a job and you have to start within 60 days, and it's an inopportune time of the year, like November - January. Be aggressive with your pricing. Offer it for $25 - $50 below market value. Even though you look at that as a loss of $300 or $600, respectively, over the course of the year, if you don't get the home rented for an additional month or two, you've just lost the full rent, which is going to far exceed even $600.

Additionally, offer your home for less than, or more than, 12 months. Instead of renting it for 12 months in November, only to have another Winter vacancy, offer a 6-month lease with the option to renew, or even an 18-month lease. This way, the next time you are negotiating an extension, or the next time it becomes vacant, you have put yourself in the active season.

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