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Why Is My House Not Selling? -Northern Virginia

System - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Your house has been on the market and it still hasn't sold. Why? 

Let's go over some of the reasons. First, we'll address those things that are in your control. 

Listing Photos - They aren't doing your home any favors. Make the investment and hire a professional photographer. While you're at it, hire a professional Real Estate photographer. Don't be afraid to take lots of pictures. Show every room. People want to know what they'll be looking at. 

Too Personalized - Take down family photos, clear out toys, and allow buyers to envision their family living there. Also, if you've personalized the home to your liking, i.e. brightly painted rooms, large tv's in the kitchen, a home theater in the basement, try to bring it back to something that can appeal to a majority. Have a neutral coat of paint applied. Take down the 3 tv's in the family room. Make it so that it appeals to others, not yourself. 

You aren't flexible with showings - I know it can be inconvenient to have people stopping by throughout the day, however, if you want to sell the home, you need to accommodate. The more restrictions you put on it, no evenings, no weekends, 24 hours notice required, the more you limit who comes by. The idea of advertising is to allow AS MANY people as possibly to come through. This temporary inconvenience will pay off in the long run. 

Declutter - Do your best to remove junk. Use moving as an opportunity to go through the garage, basement, attic and closets and get rid of items you don't need. If necessary, move some furniture to storage. Show that there is available space. You would be better off having one couch in the living room than 3 as to open up the space. 

PRICE! - Are you priced too high? This could be the one thing keeping you from selling. It doesn't do you any good to not sell for 3 months when a slight adjustment can attract an offer. Have a conversation with your agent and make this adjustment!

Bad Market Timing - Are you trying to sell in the dead of winter? Not much you can do here but ride it out. Try to time the sale for the more active markets. 

Now, for things you cannot control. 

Location - You picked the home for one reason or another. It will suit another buyer but you obviously cannot uproot the house. Make adjustments elsewhere as needed to compensate. 

Neighbors - You can't choose your family or your neighbors. If they aren't keeping up their property, it could be detracting buyers from yours. If you have a good relationship with them, bring this up. If not, it's just something you'll have to work around. 

Interest Rate hikes - The Fed has increased interest rates several times in 2018 and more are expected in 2019. This could be pricing out home buyers. Consider this and go back to price. Make the necessary adjustment. 

When your home isn't selling, there are some other options: 

1) Don't move, don't sell. Maybe you received a job offer or you want to move to be closer (or further) from family. Don't. Put off your move, turn down that promotion. Not very helpful, I know, but it is an option. 

2) Move anyway. Take on the financial burden of carrying two mortgages, or a rent and a mortgage and leave the home vacant. Keep it on the market, or pull it off. Again, not very helpful but I do have a point I'm working towards. 

You HAVE to do something with this home, correct? It will have to be one of the things mentioned above. You need to ask yourself, worst case scenario, this home still hasn't sold in two months, what are you going to do? 

Well, something you may have not considered, rent the home. This will provide you cash flow and offset your cost of living after your move. You can even list it for rent and for sale simultaneously. This is where we can step in and help you out. 

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